Ethlas builds a strong foundation for the growth of a sustainable Web3 ecosystem

SINGAPORE, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Singapore-based game finance (GameFi) blockchain startup, Ethlas, announced today a series of strategic partnerships with various GameFi platforms to bring web3 gaming to the masses.

Ethlas Partnership Announcement
Ethlas Partnership Announcement

  • Ethlas will be listing their glossary of casual games alongside their flagship game 'Battle Showdown' on Mana Games (P2P Esports platform), Playdex (online NFT rental marketplace), and Carv (gaming identity & value exchange platform). Users of Mana Games, Playdex, and Carv will have direct access to the Ethlas ecosystem which extends Ethlas's audience to approximately 80k web3 gamers.
  • Ethlas & Arcaden (Web3 utility arcade) will enter a mutual partnership where they will launch each platform's signature arcade games on the other platform.
  • Ethlas will also enter into a partnership with Beanterra (A P2E NFT game focused on sustainability) where Beanterra NFTs will be distributed to Ethlas customers through a raffle.

Ethlas's flagship multiplayer game Battle Showdown leverages cross-IP & interoperability across Web3 Projects, guilds & communities to provide gamified experiences, fun-social gaming, and on-chain/off-chain rewards for its players. Since its launch, it has seen massive traction from gamers and Ethlas has been actively distributing it to a larger audience by bringing in large web3 projects and strategic partnerships.

"With these partnerships in place, I'm excited about the future of Web3 and GameFi 2.0. Ethlas believes in interoperability and sustainable unit economics to bring the next generation of gamers into Web3." said Wui Ngiap Foo, CEO & Co-founder of Ethlas.

Ethlas is one of the most prominent game metaverses on the Polygon blockchain. Earlier this April, Ethlas raised US$6 million in an extended seed funding round followed by an initial US$2.7 million in seed funding raised in February 2022.

In addition, Ethlas is running a Reward Programme, powered by XGEMs, Ethlas will be airdropping XGEMs into the wallets of active users/players, as well as holders of either its native Komo NFTs or partner NFTs.

XGEMs Powers the Future of Reward Programmes

XGEM Airdrop
XGEM Airdrop

Ethlas has also announced the launch of XGEM Rewards, a radical multi-merchant rewards program, connected by the first truly portable reward points system, XGEMs. Set to launch in Q1 of 2023, XGEM Rewards will be available to use across a wide range of brands and services online and offline.

This wave of innovation combining blockchain and loyalty rewards marks a new chapter for XGEMs, which has previously been used as a reward token in gaming and entertainment platforms such as Ethlas, major gaming, and entertainment platform utilized by millions worldwide.

To celebrate the launch of XGEM Rewards, the platform is also giving away XGEMs to users who sign up on before November 18.

On top of this, Ethlas will be airdropping XGEMs into the wallets of active users/players, as well as holders of either its native Komo NFTs or partner NFTs.

Partner NFT projects include the top five projects that participated in the inaugural Battle Showdown tournament that took place in October 2022: Ape Gang, 3l3phant, Avium, Cubemelt, and Doodles.

About GameFi:

GameFi is an amalgamation of gaming and decentralized finance launched in 2020, that allows gamers to earn rewards for playing games while providing developers with new monetization opportunities. The rise of play-to-earn blockchain games is at the heart of the crypto evolution. With P2E blockchain games, players can now earn real-world incentives for their gameplay.

About Ethlas

Officially launched in April 2022, Ethlas is the Omni-chain layer zero platform for gamified engagement experiences in Web3. With a multi-genre library of over 30 hyper casual game titles, cross-IP NFT games, and gamified DeFi products, Ethlas offers a world of entertaining experiences for both first-time crypto users and established Web3 communities. Since launching, the platform has sold-out its playable genesis NFTs, gained 1.5 million unique connected wallets, and garnered more than 15 million gameplays.

About CARV

Carv is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with the mission to build a player-owned gaming identity that enables achievement display, friends & games discovery, and direct monetization. Carv empowers games and guilds to accurately distribute and launch incentive campaigns to players.

About Beanterra

Beanterra is a GameFi metaverse focused on Real world impact. The first game features a turn-based tactics game built on top of the Zilliqa blockchain for scalability, low carbon footprint, and low transaction fees. The game allows players to earn and contribute to sustainability simultaneously. Beanterra is designed to be fun and easy to start but with sufficient depth for replayability.

About Playdex

Playdex is an online play-and-earn rental marketplace that allows gamers and guilds to rent gaming assets from NFT owners. Playdex allows Axie Infinity players to rent certain Axies at a set amount of SLP per day. This allows players to farm and gain experience in the game without having to shell out big money for the initial outlay of Axies.

About Mana Games:

Mana Games is a next-gen. P2P (peer-to-peer) Esports Challenges and Tournament Platform, where you can create challenges, compete and earn rewards or cash prizes amongst other users of the platform.

About Arcaden:

a Web3 utility arcade where players are guaranteed a win. The platform allows players to use their GameFi tokens to win attractive prizes and rewards while playing hyper-casual games. The platform will enable players to utilize popular GameFi tokens such as $SLP and $VIS to play their favorite games.